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"2nd Generation"

Aired:  Friday October 22, 1999

            Molly Phillips is in Hollywood California at the Red Note for her big moment doing a showcase. All the bigwig record execs will be in the audience and it could lead to a few record deals. While they are rehearsing at the hall, a slender tall boy of 14 comes in asking to speak to Fi. Ryan Ollman had been to her website, but not because he's into weird stuff. He wanted to talk to her because they had a mutual thing in common. He lost his mother when he was two, and thought that if he needed to talk to someone about it, that Fi would be the person seeing as she lost her father when she was young as well. He read in the paper that they would be in town and decided to drop by and speak with her. He is immediately enamored by her, and Fi is as well by him. He shows her a photo of his mother, or so he was told all his life by his father. During their conversation, he gets a call from his father. Ryan tells his father that he's doing some research on an article. After the call Fi questions him about strange lingo, he was talking to his father about. He reveals to her that he is a professor of genetics, a child prodigy, working on a cure for Huntington’s Disease. He tells her that he has to get going, but that he will email her later. After he leaves Fi is a bit dazed by the whole event, and because she is completely enamored by him.

           Later back at the hotel Fi is impatiently waiting for Ryan to email her. She's confused as to why he hasn't emailed her yet. As she's painting her toes, she questions to herself, that if he said he'd email then he wouldn't not email her. Or would he? Just as Jack comes in to tell his mother that she was in several papers, Fi finally gets an email. When she opens it, it's in strange garble. She thinks that her computer ruined the email. She then gets a second email from Ryan, telling her that it was the genetic code of a rose that he'd sent her. He tells her he's sorry for leaving so quickly and wants her to come over to his house. Fi is excited, but her mother says she can't go alone. Fi doesn’t take to the idea, but Jack offers to go along as chaperone.

           At Ryan's house, Jack is swimming in the pool while Fi and Ryan talk over on the deck. Ryan tells her that his father and him keep files of everyone in the family. He wants to know more about his mother so he invites Fi into the house and finds the obituary of who is supposedly his mother. Fi reads it and something catches her eye. The date of when his supposed mother died does not coincide with his birth date. His mother died 16 years ago, which would make him older than Fi. In addition, the obituary never even mentioned him or his father. Ryan passes it off as a typo, but Fi suspects there is something stranger going on. Ryan upset by this tells Fi that maybe it wasn't a good idea to be going through his father's things. Jack interrupts them and tells them that he got a page from their mother telling them to come back.

           Back at the hotel, Fi is searching online for information about his father. She finds an article about cloning that involved his father. As she is reading this article, she gets an email from Ryan asking her to come down to the college, which he teaches at after one of his classes. Fi heads down the college and she shows him the article that she found, but Ryan dismisses it. He tells her that it's not possible, or so he thinks. Ryan's father comes into the classroom to speak to Ryan. Ryan introduces Fi to him saying that she is interested in genetics too. Pretending to pick out a gray hair, Ryan takes the hair so he can get a genetic sampling from it. He decides to test Fi's hypothesis of cloning.

           At the lab Ryan puts the strand of hair through a testing machine to see what the genetic make up is of the hair. Jack comes back to get Fi because she was supposed to meet him twenty minutes ago in the lobby. She tells Jack that she has to say and he tells Fi that he can’t stay. Fi calls her mother and asks her if she can stay and help Ryan with his problem.

          After a while of testing for DNA the computer comes up with an exact match. Ryan is a clone of his father. Ryan is distraught by this because he was led to believe his whole life that he had a mother when he actually didn't. Angered by this he takes Fi with him and interrupts his fathers class to talk to him. He tells him that he wants to talk about his mother. Ryan and his father go into the hall and Ryan tells him that he knows that he is a clone. Ryan and his father argue. Upset at all this, Ryan walks out and sits outside near a water fountain. Fi urges his father to go out there and tell Ryan that he's not just an experiment, that he's his son.

           Fi finds Ryan outside sitting by a fountain in front of the university. She consoles Ryan telling him that he is different from his father, a lot different. Fi tells him that the one difference between Ryan and his father is that SHE likes him. She then leans in and gives Ryan a kiss.

           Ryan's father then comes out makes an apology to his son and asks if he can forgive him. He explains to Ryan that the woman that he led him to believe was his mother was his research partner. They were almost to a point of finding a way to clone a human when she died of Huntington’s. Therefore, she was the reason he was cloned. His father wanted to find a cure for Huntington’s, so he could prevent the disease from killing others. Moreover, he could not do it alone. So who better to help him than another him?

           Back at the venue puts on a great show wowing the bigwig record execs. Fi, Ryan and his father make it back just as Molly exits the stage. Ryan's father apologizes to Molly for not getting Fi back sooner, but that she had helped with a little family business. Cary peeks through the curtain and tells Molly that his mother has a few interested record executives who are interested, but to hurry because they have a short attention span. Ryan thanks Fi for all her help and gives her a kiss. Jack and his father just stand there with grins on their faces as Fi is dazed again. They make plans to keep in touch and email often. Ryan can email her about science although she knows nothing about it, and she can email him about weird stuff although he does not believe in it.

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