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Aired: Friday November 12, 1999

The Phillips family has a few days before Molly's next gig and visits Molly's parents, Fi and Jack's grandparents. Irene, Ned and Carey are at the next stop setting up. When they arrive at Molly's parents house, they are greeted by Molly's mother, who is very happy to see her grandchildren. As they go to walk inside, Molly's father, Da, welcomes them at the door, but has a somewhat cold shoulder towards Molly. This makes Molly feel as though her father is hard on her, and not very loving towards her. Inside Molly walks into the kitchen with her mother. Da, holds Fi and Jack back to give them a present. He pretends to pull a gold chocolate coin out of Fi's ear and hands them both a piece of chocolate. He tells them to keep it between them that he gave them the chocolate. Fi grins and tells her grandfather that they are aloud to have chocolate now. Her grandfather replies by saying that he's not supposed to have chocolate though and smiles at the both of them.

Later, Jack is playing chess with his grandfather and begging him to tell him more stories about Ireland. Da, who does not like Ireland, refuses to tell him more stories because he does not like "that old rock." Molly comes in to give her father a Irish welcome sign that she had gotten for him hoping to please him, but Da looks at it and then sets it down, plainly, saying thank you. Molly walks out of the room with her feelings hurt and her hopes shattered. She walks into the kitchen where her mother is making her favorite, chocolate chip cookies. As Molly is nibbling some cookie dough her mother asks her how the music business is going. Molly, mumbling in between cookie dough bites, informs her that she has gotten a record deal. Her mother asks if she told her father yet, but Molly did not. She explained that she was going to tell her father, but did not because of his reaction with she gave him the Irish welcome sign. She confides in her mother that she tries to please her father, but he is always so cold to her. She tells her that he would probably prefer it if she just packed up the kids and mailed them to him four times a year and she didn't come at all. Her mother reassures her that her father loves her, but that he just has a hard time showing his feelings and she gives her a hug.

That night while Fi is asleep, she is awaken by a strange wailing sound and gets up to investigate it. As she is walking in the hall, she hears that it is coming from her grandparent's room. She opens to the door to find a ghostly woman in a white flowing gown hovering over her grandfather. The apparition sees Fi and disappears. Fi, frightened for her grandfather's safety, shrieks and wakes her grandfather up, scaring both her grandparents. Molly and Jack come tearing in the room to see what the commotion is about. Fi, fearful, sits by her grandfather's side and gives him a hug. Her grandmother asks her if she saw something, but Fi does not respond. She is too upset at what happened.

The next day as they all are taking a walk in the woods, which surround Molly's parent's house, they discover a huge pile of rocks in the walkway. Her grandparents stop in their tracks. Molly, Jack, and Fi walk up to them to see what they are looking at. Fi notices the pile of rocks, and instinctively knows that it means something. She can tell by the reaction from her grandparents. Her grandmother mumbles that it's a Kern and

she suddenly suggests that they head home for some tea.

Back at home Fi is in the living room looking at family pictures when her grandmother comes in. She confides in her grandmother that she did a search online and that she knows a Kern is a Celtic grave marker, and she asks her grandmother if that's what she thinks was in the pathway in the woods. Her grandmother tells her she that she cannot be for certain that's what it was. She holds Fi's hand and notices the thumb ring that she has on. She tells Fi about the history behind the ring set that her and her mother share. The rings, her grandmother explains, came from her great-grandmother Fiona, who Fi is named after. The O'Shannons were having a big family reunion and her great-grandmother was flown in for her 70th birthday. Fi's mother brought her father to the reunion even though she had only known him for a few months. At the reunion her great-grandmother gave the rings to her mother and father. No one knows how she knew or why she gave them the rings, but that it did give arise to the talk of witch craft in the family. Her grandmother also tells her that her mother, Molly's grandmother, used to tell her of a banshee that followed the O'Shannons foretelling their death. Fi asks if that's what she thought she saw last night hovering over her grandfather, and if it means that he would die. She tells Fi that she's not sure, but that it may just be a story that her mother told her. As her grandmother leaves, Molly walks in and, she sees Fi sitting on the sofa in the living room looking a bit upset. Fi tells her that her grandmother thought that what she saw as a Banshee coming to foretell her grandfather's death. Fi, clearly upset is almost in tears. Her mother comforts her and tells her not to believe the old tales that her grandmother tells her. She reassures her that everything will be all right.

Later that evening as Jack is emailing Gabe, when Fi comes in to tell him that she is going to go find whatever it was that she saw in her grandfather's room that night. Jack does not believe she saw anything. Fi tells him that he does not have to come along but not to tell their mother where she went and she leaves. Jack then decides to tag along worried about her safety.

Back at the house, Molly goes into Da's room to visit him. She tells him that she's thinking of canceling a few gigs to stay a while and help out. Da tells her that he does not need to be taken care of. Molly, upset at his coldness, explains to him that she wasn't even going to tell him that she got a record deal. She says to him that she has waited for a long time to get where she is and is a little scared to be out on her own. Da tells her that she never once wanted his advise nor would she have took it if he offered it. Molly upset that he does not even understand, tells him that she does not want him to tell her what to do. She tells him that he never once told her that he was proud of her, and she tells her kids that all the time. Da tells her that she does not need him to tell her whether to stay or to go that she can make up her own mind. Molly walks out upset and hurt slamming the door behind her.

Meanwhile Fi and Jack are in the woods walking along the path heading towards the Celtic grave marker. On their way there they hear the same shrieking that Fi heard the night before. Jack tells Fi to stay put while he finds out where the noise is coming from and heads to the pile of rocks. Fi stands there and suddenly feels a presence behind her and turns around to find the Banshee. The banshee tells Fi that she is a Muintir - O'Shannon and that she can smell the O'Shannon blood in her. The Banshee asks why Fi came to her. Fi says that she knows that the she is coming to foretell her grandfathers impending death, and wants her to go away and leave him alone. She tells the banshee that it's not her grandfather's time to die. The Banshee retorts to Fi, that it's not up to her to decide. Fi pleads with the banshee to let her fight this. She confronts the banshee saying that she knows that she knows who the O'SHANNONS are, what they are, and that she has to let her fight this. The banshee agrees and Fi follows her.

Back at the house Molly is in her room packing her things and Da comes in to speak with her. He tells her that she was never one to fight. She explains to Da that he's right, she does not like to fight. That's why she left home when she did. Da says that he was hard on her because if he wasn't then she would have gotten into a lot more trouble than she did. Molly retorts that she may have done some stupid things when she was young but that he had always been cold shouldered. As Molly is packing, Da spots sheet music for the song that she wrote for him. He notices the title "The Rock" on it and asks if the song is about him. Molly explains that it's a song that she wrote for him, but that he probably would not like it anyway. Her father takes the music stating that since she won't fight him for it, that he would take it down stairs and "give it a go on the piano."

Molly giving, in motions for him to sit down and she grabs her guitar and starts to play the song for him.

Back in the woods, the banshee takes Fi to some type of shrine or tomb of her family where there are photos of relatives and clues to her past. She Follows the Banshee to the end of a hall where there are a set of doors that open with brilliant light that shines from the doors. Fi is lifted into the air to face the luminous light. She tells Fi that this is what decides. The banshee then explains to Fi that some die and other's live, that there is a balance. Fi begs for it to let her grandfather live because her family needs him and loves him. The banshee tells Fi that mortal wishes "have no power here." Fi confronts the banshee and blames her for taking her father away when she was three and asks how fair that was. The banshee replies that she did not take her father.

At home Molly is singing the song for her father and the ring on her thumb glows just as Fi's is as she holds her hand up to the light.

Fi suddenly is set back to the ground, and the banshee looks at Fi and tells her that her grandfather "will not die, for now." Jack, who is looking for Fi, finds her on the ground. She is very pale and cold. Worried about her, he takes her home.

After Molly finishes the song for her father, he tells her that even though he's never shown her what was in his heart her song did that. He also said that he was very proud of her which made Molly very happy.

Jack came into the house yelling for his mother and grandparents to come quick. They bolted downstairs to find Fiona on the couch and Jack covering her up. She was pale and cold. Molly asked what happened but, Jack didn't know. Fi called for her grandfather and he sat down beside her. She hugged him and told him everything would be all right now.

The next day as they were leaving her father hung the welcome sign up. Fi and Jack said their goodbyes. Da and Molly reconciled, and he told Molly that she is welcome there anytime.

Movie Clips from Banshee

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Fi is awaken in the middle of the night by a strange and erie cry. (367KB)
Fi confides in her grandmother and finds out the history behind the ring set her and her mother share. (650KB)
Fi confronts the Banshee and tells her to go away and leave her grandfather alone. (697KB)
Molly Sings "The Rock" for her father, while Fi stares death in the face. (1442KB) 

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