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Aired: Friday November 5, 1999

While Molly is waiting to hear from a record company for a possible record deal, they take a much-needed break in the small town of Paradise, Virginia. When they arrive, they check into the Polynesian Arms Hotel, which is a bit on the unusual side. As they go to check in, they run into Tad Raxl who is behind the check-in counter at the hotel. Molly and the rest are surprised to see him there, and ask him what he is doing there. Tad tells them that he was just checking to see if she had checked in yet. He had been following Molly's tour on the Internet and he happened to be there on business. He also promised Fi the new beta version of his web browser. He asks Fi if she got his email that, he sent her, giving her a sign to agree with him although she did not even get an email. Fi went along and said that he did in fact promise her a copy of the browser eight months prior. Tad mentions that since they are both there that maybe he and Molly could go out on a date. Tad is very on edge because he is on business at the Polynesian Arms Hotel, and is trying to keep it under cover. He then asks Fi to "power browse in hypertext."

While Fi and Tad are in the bar/eatery area of the Hotel, Tad upgrades her browser. She tells Tad that she knows that heís not there just for a date, but for business. She wonders what could bring a guy like Tad to a little town like Paradise, Virginia. She logs on to a search engine and searches for a map of Virginia. Tad wonders what sheís doing. Her search turns up that just outside of Paradise is Langley, which is the home of the CIA. He tells her that heís not exactly working for them, and that the project is very "hush hush." These men who are supposedly from the CIA, showed him some sort of round alloy object which he refers to as the "cheese wheel" thinking it may be a primitive yet advanced computer and that he might be able to unlock its mysteries. Tad tells her that he took a CAT scan of the original and made a 3D model, which he gives to Fi on a CD, and she brings this model up on her computer. Fi questions Tad about how it works. He replies that it doesnít because there is no power source, therefore, he does not think itís a computer at all but maybe some type of art.

While Fi is talking with Tad, Carey and Jack find Fi and Tad in the bar/eatery of the hotel. On the way into this part of the hotel, Carey runs into a gray hared man with a beard carrying a palm top with Fiís picture on it in the coat check area. Carey and Jack then meet up with Fi and Tad. Carey asks her if she saw the white hared guy in the coat check area and she confirms that he was the same guy who was checking them out in the lobby of the hotel. Jack asks if heís the guy who broke into their suite. Someone had gone through all of their items but did not take anything. Tad is sure that this is his contact, and is furious that he is violating their privacy just because he talked to them about the "cheese wheel." Tad believes that this "cheese wheel" is not a computer at all but some type of ancient art or something. Fi asks if they could see this so called "cheese wheel" that, he is working on. Tad takes them to where the "cheese wheel" is being stored. He rigged up his coffee machine from his hotel room, so he could copy his security card for them. Tad makes the copies and they go inside a room where the "cheese wheel" is. Fi is intrigued by this alloy metal round object. Carey spots a box with a huge rock, which has the same pattern the alloy wheel has. Fi theorizes that the rock is connected with this weird alloy round metal object. Fi walks up to the strange wheel and thinks to her self "where are you from?" This triggers something in the metal wheel and it starts to work. The round patterns change on this metal wheel in patterns. Cary takes a picture of the wheel. Suddenly Jack looks up at the security monitor and notices the mysterious men are coming. The four of them sneak out just in time without being caught.

Later back at the eatery, Fi and Tad were sitting at a table discussing the strange alloy object. Tad asked Fi how she got it to work, when he could never get it to work. Fi explained to Tad that all she did was think, "Where are you from?" and the metal wheel started to work, as if it read her thoughts. Tad tells her that thought control is just in the beginning stages now, and that it hasn't been fully developed yet. A civilization that primitive could not have had something that technologically advanced. Fi decides to do a search online for "Oopa", or in other words, an out of place artifact. Her search turns up a find that archeologists uncovered a ancient computer, which was believed to come from the lost city of Atlantis. Tad thinks that the idea is crazy that the metal wheel could not be a technologically advanced computer from a city that has not even been proven to exist. Fi tells Tad that if he wants to find the truth he has to think "outside the box." Tad and Fi are interrupted when Tad gets a call from Molly accepting his offer for a date. Tad thrilled that she accepted bounds out of the restaurant to get ready for that night's date. Fi tries to go after Tad, but is stopped by Jack who tells her to forget about the metal wheel. He tells her it's not as if this thing answered her. Fi then looks at the photo that Carey took of the metal wheel and gets a brainstorm. It did answer her; it's just not orthodox.

Later while Molly and Tad are having dinner, Fi, Carey and Jack are in her hotel room studying the photo. Fi then realizes that the wheel did answer her question. She looked at the pattern which was made on the wheel by the round circular shapes on the wheel. She realized that these were hexa decimal patterns. All computers read and used this standard language. A closed circle would equal zero and an open circle would equal one. She then went online to figure out how to read the hexa decimal pattern. After she was finished translating the patter, it turned out that it was latitude and longitude directions. She opened a mapping program that she had and put in the directional numbers, which then showed that the object came from a small island, which is just off the coast of Italy but was not even shown on the map. Fi searches online for a map of where Atlantis supposedly was. The two maps are identical proving that this weird metal object was in fact some type of computer from Atlantis. It also did answer her question about where it was from. Carey tells Fi that the only way to be sure that it answered her question is to ask it another question. Jack as usual thinks that they are both crazy to think that this thing is reading Fi's thoughts and refuses to have any part of it.

Fi and Carey go back to the room where the round metal computer object is. Fi stands there trying to think of a good question to ask this object. Mean while Molly and Tad are on their date, and the strange gray hared man is at the bar area watching Tad and Molly when he gets a message on his palm top that someone has accessed the room where the computer wheel is. He immediately sounds an alarm and Carey and Fi make a run for it, but not before Fi decides to take the metallic alloy wheel with them. They make a run for it and exit using the fire escape stairs. They push on several doors to make an exit but they are all locked from the inside. While Fi is pushing on a door to try to exit, Jack is at the other end and opens the door surprising Fi and Carey. They all make a run for it and meet up with Molly and Tad in the restaurant of the hotel. Fi explains to them that the goons are chasing them trying to take the ancient computer away from them and she hands it to Tad. Molly is very confused as to what is going on. She is totally out of the loop. The men that were chasing Fi, Carey and Jack caught up with them and took the "cheese wheel" from Tad. Tad asks them before they leave if they are really from the CIA or if he had been duped. The short gray hared man asks him "what do you think?" and walks away with the metal object.

The next day Molly and the gang are leaving, Fi meets up with Tad who is helping her take her luggage to the bus. She tells him that all her information and data along with her pictures of the metallic wheel were gone. Tad tells Fi that he believes her theory about the metallic wheel that it came from Atlantis. As Fi is getting on to the bus to leave Carey mentions that if the wheel can read her mind that it just may find her.

Mean while on the military ship, the gray hared man is sitting at a computer studying the information gathered from Fi and Tad, he hears the metal wheel "computer" computing in the background. He does not pay attention to it, but with the patterns it spells out "FI."

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Tad shows Fi, Jack and Carey the strange "cheese wheel". (512KB)
Molly Sings "Like a River" for Tad by request. (634KB)

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